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How it looks like...


Constantine is melancholic and some kind of unlucky individual. Sometimes he doesn’t fit the environment what is rebuked him by his parents. He works as a cameraman in the local TV station. Constantine owns one, black cat called... Cat.

A girl with no name who Constantine met while he was shopping in the market. He always associate her with an apple which she was holding when Constantine saw her first time. The love at first sight, yet not returned.

Blind Lady. Constantine met this woman in the park. What characterise her best is that although being handicapped and widowed she is always smiling. Constantine’s soul ma

te, best friend. She’s always there when he needs help.

Red. His look not a little, not a bit fits what he does for living - Red is a well known

violonist from local philharmonic. Born in musical family, he didn’t have a happy childh

ood. Constantine met him once, at the bus stop.

The Doll was born in a rich family. She ended a good univercity, she d

oesn’t need to worry

about her future. Young, pretty, rich – but a shallow person. She is Red’s love but The Doll

doesn’t want to share life with him...

Nurse. She made Bachelor's Degree degree and now she’s working in a

local hospital. Also she’s s

till studying to

achieve Master of Science degree. Tiny, blond girl but short tempered. She’s Dreadman’s “friend” – they know and fight with eachother since they were children.

Dreadman. Artist who illu

strates erotic books and magazines. Weed addicted, impulsive and with specific sence of humour. As opposed to all those features he recently converted to Catholic. As he says about himse

lf: little hypocrite.

Brother. He works in a bank as one of the programmers. Workaholic who hardly ever thinks about his family. Always tired, pensive, a little bit melancholic like Constantine.

Ginger hardly ended hight school but never started any studies, she works as a postman. Thin girl with charming frecles but always sad and pensive. She secretly loves Constantine who doesn’t not

ice her existence.

Guy with no mask is a confectioner by profession. He is the best friend of Constantine and also The Blind Lady. He used to be in “bad company”. Nice and polite but always in sb's shadow. He has a black dog called Mr Wolodyjowki.